Cuttlefish bone casting-18K Gold plating 925 silver ring with moonstone

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Handcrafted Cuttlefish bone Casting –

18K Gold plating 925 silver ring with moonstone

<Face Yourself Series>
Everyone is a moon and has a dark side he never shows to anybody.
It always exists, but it is never exposed.
Completely honest with ourselves,
everyone has a dark side to their personalities.
Face it.

Ring size: Open ring (Adjustable size)
Handcrafted moonstone face:~10mm




Cuttlefish bone casting is one of the oldest forms of casting for jewelry-making creativity.

Cuttlefish bone is the center bone of a squid-like mollusk, one of the earliest known casting processes. In direct casting, molten metal directly fills a design carved into a mold surface, producing a mirror image of the design in the finished cast object. Also, due to its organic origin, cuttlebone has growth rings, like beautiful wood grain or wave texture, it make every piece of beautiful uniqueness as no two items look exactly the same.


Cuttlefish Bone Casting Method


・Avoid chemical substances e.g. perfume, creams, cleaning products…
・Wash with clear water and dry with a soft cotton cloth
・Take off before wash hands, bath, or swim
・Keep in a dark, cool and dry place
・Use silver polishing cloth to retrieve shinny surface if needed(925 silver part)

・Nickel free 925 Sterling Silver (Certified Quality)
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